Drinking water conference of the Main-Neckar Metropolitan Region

In the Mannheim Maimarkthalle the 2nd drinking water conference of the Main-Neckar Metropolitan Region took place on November 14th and 15th. Lorenz CEO Wilhelm Mauß gave a lecture on smart water networks.

The event took place under the patronage of Ronald Roepke, Managing Director of Wasserversorgung Rheinhessen-Pfalz Gmbh.

On invitation of the organizers, Lorenz CEO Wilhelm Mauß delivered a lecture on the possibilities of the "Smart Water Network" ("Wasserversorgung 4.0"): In the digitalized supply network, processes can be simplified and costs saved, especially through the remote transmission and digital analysis of measuring instruments.

An important prerequisite for this is high-quality and accurate measuring equipment. Mauß explained: "If inaccurate data has to be used at Big Data, the overall concept is brought to collapse".