Impulse Single Jet Water Meters

Single jet meters allow the control of domestic water consumption per condominium. As the water flows through the water chamber it drives a paddle-wheel whose movement is magnetically transferred to the mechanical counter.

  • + High-quality materials, longevity and circular economy expand_more

    Ecologic and (!) economic: Due to the proven excellent running characteristics, the meters can be used for more than two calibration periods. Beyond that, Lorenz takes back replaced water meters within the scope of an industry-wide unique concept. These are dismantled in the factory and the individual parts undergo a comprehensive reconditioning process in order to return them to the production cycle as far as possible. This significantly reduces the use of materials and the impact on the environment. The advantages of high-quality brass are played out and high-quality materials remain superior to plastic alternatives even when comparing unit prices. In contrast, low-cost products can only be disposed of after one-off installation, which even results in new costs. The Lorenz concept protects the environment and creates real added value for all involved.

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    Quality and reliability are a matter of course for Lorenz as a "Mittelstand" family company - in every respect. The freedom from dangerous germs is achieved by a multi-level hygiene concept that is unique in the industry. It is audited by (major) customers and independent experts and is subject to regular inspections by external laboratories.


    The processes of the Lorenz hygiene concept are designed redundantly, so to speak "double and triple". This includes all areas of the company, from organisation and process control through assembly and the state-certified testing centre to dispatch. Each meter passes through several so-called "Safety Gates" and no meter leaves production without another final disinfection.

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    • Precision meter Made in Germany
    • lead-free brass hydraulics: durable, assembly-optimised, environmentally friendly
    • dry runner with magnetic transmission
    • magnetically shielded
    • 8-roller counter
    • two-point beared impeller
    • tamper protected counter
    • evacuatable
    • for horizontal and vertical installation
    • compact and resistant
    • low susceptibility to faults (dry-running)
    • Counter 360° rotatable
    • EC approval for cold and warm water
    • Cold water 30°C
    • Hot water 90°C
  • + Lengths expand_more
    Size Length Joints Type
    QN 1,5 80mm 1/2" cold/warm
    QN 1,5 110mm 1/2" cold/warm
    QN 1,5 130mm 1/2" cold/warm
    QN 1,5 130mm 3/4" cold/warm
    QN 2,5 130mm 3/4" cold/warm
  • + Impulse outputs expand_more
    • 0,25 l/Imp
    • 0,5 l/Imp
    • 1 l/Imp
    • 10 l/Imp
    • 100 l/Imp