Radio Measuring Modules

Award-winning meters with best economic efficiency

Quality and costs - a classic critical trade-off. Solving this dilemma for our customers was our key objective from the very start of the development of our new generation of radio water meters. The result: An award-winning meter, whose high-grade materials and cutting-edge technology not only generate added value for customers but also reduce purchase and process costs to such an extent that the clearly most economical solution is achieved. This shows: It's precisely the technology, that pays out for all.

  • + Fully compatible for optimal processes expand_more

    A unique platform concept ensures compatibility with all common radio systems. The result is a fully integrated complete product that meets all requirements right from the start and guarantees smooth processes during installation, operation, reading and replacement without any additional effort. The additional activities and risks in the case of module and plug-on solutions are thus completely eliminated.

  • + High-quality materials, longevity and circular economy expand_more

    Due to the proven excellent running characteristics combined with low power consumption and optimized battery performance, the radio water meters can be used for more than two calibration periods. The recycling of disassembled meters as part of a far-reaching resource efficiency concept enables the use of high-quality brass. This protects the environment, protects jobs at the site and creates real added value for all stakeholders.

  • + Unique hygiene concept expand_more

    Quality and reliability are a matter of course for Lorenz as a "Mittelstand" family company - in every respect. The freedom from dangerous germs is achieved by a multi-level hygiene concept that is unique in the industry. It is audited by (major) customers and independent experts and is subject to regular inspections by external laboratories.


    The processes of the Lorenz hygiene concept are designed redundantly, so to speak "double and triple". This includes all areas of the company, from organisation and process control through assembly and the state-certified testing centre to dispatch. Each meter passes through several so-called "Safety Gates" and no meter leaves production without another final disinfection.

  • + Technical Data expand_more
    • Precision meter Made in Germany
    • lead-free brass hydraulics: durable, assembly-optimised, environmentally friendly
    • Data transmission freely configurable
    • 14 years battery life
    • protection class IP 68
    • compact and resistant
    • suitable for all installation situations
    • MID approval for cold and hot water