Ethics in Business

Quality, reliability, sustainability: Lorenz lives the "Mittelstand"-values and is actively committed to its responsibility for people and environment. This is not only morally imperative, but has always been the basis for lasting business success. Lorenz was awarded the quality certificate "Ethics in Business" for its exemplary corporate responsibility. The award is based on an examination conducted by the Institute for Business Ethics at the University of St. Gallen.

The following six fields of action were examined:

  • Corporate values and leadership
    Is there a corporate mission statement and which aspects are addressed? What topics do your codes of conduct address? Is there a regular evaluation of executives by employees?
  • Value-oriented human resources management
    How high is the proportion of apprentices? How many female employees are there in your company? How many employees are over 50? What do you do for the work-life balance of your employees? What is being done in terms of further training? Are there any health promotion programmes? What about accidents at work?
  • Social commitment
    With which groups is your company in regular contact? How do you communicate? What are the expenses for social engagement? And how does this commitment affect the company's core business?
  • Environmental protection
    Are there measures for climate protection or energy efficiency? Does the company use renewable energies? Is the consumption of raw materials or water regularly surveyed? Are there measures for preserving nature?
  • Supply chain responsibility
    How do suppliers ensure compliance with environmental and social standards?
  • Produktverantwortung und Verbraucherschutz
    Has the environmental compatibility of products been improved? Is environmental compatibility taken into account in the development of products? Are there any consumer protection measures? What about data protection?

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