Reliable, Honest, Down-to-Earth

It is common sense what obliges us to sustainable business for man and the environment. Responsible decision-making is not only morally imperative but also essential for long-term success.

True Responsibility

Especially ever since the company was awarded by the Institute of Business Ethics of St. Gallen University (CH) and was made part of the newly founded “Ethics in Business”-alliance, LORENZ is regarded as a role model for corporate social responsibility. The distinction as one of the benchmark companies in the Environment Ministry’s initiative “100 Companies for Resource Efficiency” underlines this exceptional status.

A Family Business

At LORENZ, corporate responsibility starts at small scale – in honest and trustful collegiality both internally and with clients or suppliers. The whole potential of the human factor can only be unfolded if employees are comfortable. Instead of stressing hierarchical structures we foster reflective and self-responsible employees and executives, as task, responsibility and decision-making always coincide. According to the motto “tough in the matter yet cordial together” everyone is expected to make his contribution, but shall always find a sympathetic ear, just in the literal sense of what we are: a family business.

We are happy to be an enterprise, where all of us still know each other personally and that we can respond to personal needs while creating long-term jobs, completely avoiding temporary employment methods. And we are proud to have always followed our convictions by not moving parts of our production to low-wage-countries: for the sake of our quality as much as our employees.

Quality, Hygiene and Consumer Health

Water is the most precious resource on earth. LORENZ is enthusiastic to produce measuring devices which provide precise metering and thus fair billing as the basis for stable water supply. Our quality and reliability are a matter of course to us. Regarding consumer health LORENZ has taken a leading role, our specialists have become sought-after experts when it comes to hygienic production.

Sustainability, Resource Efficiency, Environment Protection

Environment protection is one of our main concerns in every respect. We aim for smallest possible distances among our suppliers, 95% of our parts come from Southern Germany. All our company buildings are heated 100% CO2-neutrally by a nearby biogas plant. Contrary to the general trend we hold to copper as our main material, combined with comprehensive remanufacturing measures and award-winning resource efficiency.