Hygienic production: How to achieve true safety from dangerous organisms

Quality, reliability and honesty: Three classic "Mittelstand" virtues can decide about life and limb when it comes to protection against dangerous germs. Lorenz sets standards with its comprehensive hygiene concept: Because only the right measures really make a difference.

The germ Pseudomonas aeruginosa was last publicly noticed in 2014 as a result of various incidents and has been temporarily out of focus again. But to this day the problem has not lost any of its relevance. The certainty that germ entry through water meters can generally be excluded is still not a matter of course.

P. aeruginosa is a widespread environmental bacterium that is also known as a "puddle germ" due to its frequent occurrence. For healthy people, the germ is usually harmless, but for children as well as elderly or weakened persons there is an increased risk of infection upon contact or ingestion, among others in the form of wound infections and pneumonia as well as ear, conjunctiva or hair follicle infections. Since Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a multi-resistant germ, associated diseases are difficult to treat and may lead to death. The bacterium can therefore pose a particularly high risk in hospitals, nursing homes and day-care centres.

Manufacturers and utilities must fulfil their duty: the danger is latent, but there are clear solutions

The factor hygiene has gained new importance due to the recent incidents in all components with water flow - in the case of water meters as well as in pipelines, fittings or pumps. Manufacturers have a duty to ensure that their products do not cause any contamination of drinking water with germs and that they are produced and delivered in a hygienically flawless manner. Utilities and measuring services must ensure sterility during storage, transport and installation and in particular bear the responsibility to conscientiously check and select their suppliers. Careful auditing is essential.

The danger posed by Pseudomonas aeruginosa is real. However, safety is possible if a few generally known scientific facts are taken into account. Those who ignore these when buying or using water meters accept a risk to the life and limb of consumers.

Effective, fact-based, industry-wide unique: The Lorenz hygiene concept

A genuine understanding of the scientific context is essential for the development of effective measures to prevent dangerous germs. The Lorenz hygiene concept was developed on this basis. The freedom from dangerous germs is achieved by a multi-level hygiene concept that is unique in the industry. This has been audited by (major) customers and independent experts and is subject to regular checks by external laboratories.

The processes of the Lorenz hygiene concept are designed redundantly, so to speak "double and triple". This includes all areas of the company, from organisation and process control to assembly and the state-certified testing centre through to dispatch. Each meter passes through several so-called "safety gates" and no meter leaves the production line without repeated final disinfection.

Lectures and training courses

Lectures and training sessions at the invitation of utilities and associations underscore this pioneering role. Many customers also convince themselves of the processes on site. Appointments are possible at any time.