Resource efficiency and circular economy

Both economic and ecologic : Lorenz achieves substantial material savings thanks to circular economy. After operation and exchange, the measuring devices are taken back and, after dismantling and reconditioning, returned to the production cycle. Nature wins - and so does the customer.

Water meters must be replaced at regular intervals due to calibration legislation and measuring accuracy, despite the fact that, in the case of high-quality products, many components are still in perfect condition even after usage and replacement.

This is the basis for the concept, which is unique in the industry. Lorenz takes back replaced flat water meters from metering services and water utilities in order to dismantle and reprocess them, so that the components can be returned to the production cycle as far as possible. This reduces material usage and environmental impact by 30 %, in the future with the latest generation of radio water meters even by up to 80 %.

Economic advantage for the customer

The decisive success formula is that reprocessing also proves to be economically viable. After all, customers not only benefit from the use of high-quality measuring instruments, but also gain an economic advantage: the products are not only the clear winners in terms of total costs, but also remain superior to plastic alternatives even in pure unit price comparisons. In contrast, low-cost meters could only be disposed of after one-time installation, which then even generates new costs.

Resource efficiency and environmental protection thus become a competitive advantage for high-quality water meters made in Germany.

Further Information:

The Lorenz resource efficiency concept in a film portrait by the VDI (Assotiation of German Engineers)